Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"ok kak?"

Today I took the afternoon off...

Went for a massage... more of urut betulkan urat to be exact. And to buang angin. My left knee has been troubling me since I came home from Germany. Too much walking and pretending to be extra macho... what trouble that got me. Everytime after sitting down for an extended period, my left leg will be *dead*. I literally had weak knees which results in limping, until blood circulation jalan balik. No cramps... no semut2... just *dead*.

So when NMS told me about her masseuse, I decided to give it a try. Cuma the trouble was... when? So on the rare occassion that I don't have any meetings in the afternoon, I took 1/2 day leave and made an appointment for 1.5 hours with Jun in Chakra.

I told NMS that I'm quite a wimp when it comes to massages. Firstly I'm ticklish and secondly I takut sakit when they tekan kuat2. But NMS assured me that Jun is not the *kuat* type and that it's *sedap*.

When I arrived there, I was greeted by name (nice... thanks NMS for making the appointment for me) and was quickly ushered to the room. I told Jun about my knee thing and left it at that...

The first minute of the session was ok then the *torture* began. Within a few minutes she started burping like mad. Previous experience taught me that that was her channelling angin out of my body. Gosh... a had a gale in me!! Jun straight away went to task with my left leg. She kneaded, tekan, tolak... luckily I was facing down otherwise she would have witnessed the grimaces yang pelbagai rupa.

But I just kept quiet... no pain no gain. Or in my case, no pain no getting baik. But when it got too much I just stiffen up... to which Jun would say "lembut kan..." I wanted desperately to retort with some clever remark but thought, this lady is helping me get better. So I let it be...

After what felt like an eternity (in real time about 20 minutes kut) she asked me, "OK kak?" To which I just replied "hmm..."

She then started on the other parts of my body... which fortunately wasn't as painful. Except at my bontot area. Dunno why kat situ pun when she urut was very painful. It is still quite tender in that area right now. My left kaki just behind the knee jangan cakap lah...

Tapi the thing is, although I'm in some form of discomfort right now... akibat kena big time knead in those area (I even think it's slightly bruised?), my *dead* leg problem dah go away. I wouldn't go to the extent of saying that there's a spring to every step, but I can now walk properly again :)

All the pain endured was worth it... I'm thinking of sending Mama to Jun as well... she has been complaining about sakit kaki for a week now.

Before the urut session, I went to the dentist. Dah lama tak check gigi... ada 2-3 tahun dah kut. While waiting, a nurse suddenly came to me asking if I drove. "Yes" I said, to which she responded by saying that that might be a problem. Huh? She then presented some pills and a cup of water... to calm my nerves she said. Since when pulak kalau nak buat scaling kena sampai bagi *relaxing* pills? I asked her why the pills to which she responded in some ching-lish that I couldn't fathom. I declined and told her that I won't be needing those pills.

When I went into the dentist room (aka torture chamber to some people, haha) I asked the dentist, why I was offered those pills? He said that it was because my records said that I'm nervous and told me not to worry, he'll be *gentle* masa buat the scaling.

Me... nervous jumpa dentist? No, I actually like sitting in those chairs and staring into the ceiling with my mouth wide open. I do... I like getting my teeth checked, cleaned... cuma tak buat selalu je ;)

Then a thought crossed my mind. "I think you have my sister's card... can I see it?"

True enough... it wasn't my records that he had in his hand, but rather Ina's. Haha... now I know that she's nervous with dental treatments. Told the dentist about the mix up and he halted while waiting for the nurse to cari my card. What laaa....

My gigi are in good condition... just in need of some cleaning, which wasn't very extensive considering dah lama tak jumpa dentist. The whole scaling process took about 10-15 minutes kut. No tooth needing filling, no cavity... good! I've never had any filling in my life. Alhamdulillah... teeth wise, they're quite sihat. Sepanjang hidup, bila pergi dentist it's either to cabut gigi (the last time being, I dunno... 20 years ago?) or having it cleaned. So I can't relate when people say certain sounds remind them of having their tooth being filled... that rasa ngilu.

So today was a day to get my body *back in order*... whatever that means ;)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift... that's why they call it the present!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

juicy, satisfying burgers!

Ina and I decided to try out the (relatively) new Carl's Jr outlet.

I've always loved their burgers dulu... and often find myself unsatisfied because they were smaller than the normal burgers. And when they decided to cease operations some 8 years ago, it was with great sadness...

But now they're back... and their servings are no longer the minute size. However, with size comes the price. Although it is a fast food outlet, it is not in the same price category as Burger King, McDonalds, KFC... this is gourmet burger ladies and gentlemen.

Bila sampai je depan the shop, I was already salivating... simply by looking at the poster =)

Then once we're in, we had to stare a good solid 5 minutes to decide which burger to have. Everything sounds so yummy. In the end, I chose the double guacamole burger while Ina opted for the chilli burger. We shared fries and drinks and the bill was RM43. Quite mahal right?

But it was worth it... my burger was very satisfying and Ina's a change from the norm.

They also had free condiments of jalapeno, salsa, pickles... yumm!!

i wanted to believe, but...

I'm a big X-Files fan... there, I'm out!
I've always found the stories intriguing (not all though), plots mind challenging, and I just love watching Duchovny and Anderson amazing chemistry on screen.

So when Amt told me that there's a new movie out, I was excited. I didn't have much expectations though, since their first big screen foray didn't go so well. So far, Chris Carter's best work remained on the idiot box. But one can hope...

Dengan eager nya I asked Ina on Thursday, on the way home from work "Ina... nak tengok X-Files tak tonight?" "Boleh" And so I headed for Pavilion.

The plots of the movie was shrouded in secrecy and I couldn't make head or tail from the trailer. I did seem promising. Maybe that's what spoilt it for me... I had wanted to believe... that I would find again the magic that was once the X-Files.

The storyline fell flat... it didn't feel like an X-Files show... more like another investigative show. Nothing extraordinary about the whole thing except for the aspect of psychic (don't worry... I'm not spoiling you... this is something that you'd come to realise 2 minutes into the movie). It was frustrating... given all the hype, I was hoping that Chris Carter would come up with something more than that.

One thing did surprise me though... how he treated a certain relationship. I'm sure Shippers around the world rejoiced while the NoRoMos would be going bonkers. I was extremely surprised that Chris Carter chose to draw the storyline as such, given what he had said in the past. The other thing was that, to me, this felt more like a Scully movie instead of a Mulder movie. Sure... they're both critical characters to the series, but to me, the X-Files has and is always about Mulder.

There were some moments that made it feel *almost* X-Files like... Mulder had the best one liners, and Scully joining in the fun. Listening to Anderson dishing out all those medical terms made me smile... now we have so much of those on House, Grey's Anatomy, CSI... dulu2 it was only on X-Files and I often went searching for more info after the show (the geeky me coming out again). I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when they showed a photo of one of the dumbest American president with J Edgar Hoover... the conspiracy theorists would have a field day with that! ;)

In all, it wasn't a satisfying outing... so I'll have to resort to my stash of old X-Files episodes to satisfy my craving...

images of cinderalla's castle...

where the air is fresh and the sights to die for...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

since we're on this topic...

I don't like talking politics... and those themes are usually avoided here. But this is something that ALL Malaysians should start seriously think about.

Those politicians won't be able to do much if we the rakyat step our feet down and all demand for these nonsense to stop.
I have faith that there are still many good, decent man and women out there... let's not allow things to get worse by giving them less airtime, focussing less on politics and tackle the real issues. The more you fuel the fire, the more out of control it gets.

Jangan lah layan all these politic-king...

Sodomy, Murder, DNA Tests Make 'CSI Malaysia': William Pesek

JULY 21 — It's becoming the highest-rating programme in Asia: Malaysia's crime scene investigations.

Just like its wildly popular American counterparts, this crime drama — call it "CSI Malaysia" — features sex, murder, DNA samples, cover-ups and a colourful cast of characters wondering who's guilty of this or that.

At the centre of Malaysia's CSI franchise is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a former deputy prime minister who did time on corruption and sodomy charges. Last week, Anwar was arrested on new sodomy claims. He accuses Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak — who denies sexual-misconduct allegations related to a 28-year-old Mongolian woman killed two years ago — of manufacturing the charges to discredit him.

The storyline is captivating this nation of 26 million people, most of whom are Muslim. It's sparking steamy and decidedly awkward debates about how one defines sodomy and whether it should be a crime. (It is under Malaysian law.)

Surreal subplots abound. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the man in power when Anwar was jailed a decade ago, has been fighting a very public war of words against his successor, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, over corruption allegations.

Events in Kuala Lumpur would be far more entertaining if they were confined to a television screen — and not denting the image of one of Asia's most promising economies.

Many Malaysians aren't quite sure what to think. Are the charges against Anwar trumped up to keep him from toppling the government? Is the male aide who claims to have had sex with Anwar telling the truth? If Anwar is innocent — he claims he has never engaged in sodomy — why not submit a DNA sample and clear himself? If you were Anwar, would you trust authorities not to taint the DNA test?

It was impossible to avoid this issue at a Bloomberg panel discussion on July 17, the day after Anwar was arrested (and the day on which he was released). On the panel were bigwigs from the likes of Malaysia Airline System Bhd, Maxis Communications Bhd and CIMB Investment Bank. You could see them shifting nervously in their seats as the issue of sodomy came up.

If Malaysians don't know what to make of Anwar's plight, you can imagine what foreign investors think. "Summer of Discontent"' is how Deutsche Bank AG analyst Teoh Su-Yin titled a recent report on Malaysian stocks.

Last week, it was hard to find an analyst predicting a quick resolution to Malaysia's fragile political backdrop. Nor could we find anyone in Kuala Lumpur who felt markets had fully priced in the negative impact of higher inflation on the economy and corporate earnings.

What's so frustrating about Malaysia is the obvious potential. Its natural-resource-rich economy has achieved great things in the 50 years since independence from Britain. Twenty-five years ago, this was a tropical backwater. Today, Malaysia's modern, skyscraper-filled capital is home to the world's tallest twin buildings: the Petronas Towers.

Yet the world is moving ahead at a rapid pace, hastened by the rise of China and India. It won't wait for Malaysia, and the current scandals preoccupying the government are coming at the worst possible time. Malaysia should be acting boldly to increase its global competitiveness.

Nations as diverse as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are working to raise their global influence. Five years from now, any of these economies might harness specific advantages, from low costs to human capital to technology, to challenge Malaysia's growth prospects.

Malaysia should start by fixing a key weakness: a four-decade-old affirmative-action programme favouring the predominant Malay community. It limits investment, stifles competition and keeps the economy from becoming a meritocracy. It's a third-rail issue and isn't discussed seriously.

The leadership vacuum in Kuala Lumpur means Malaysia is squandering time its economy doesn't have. Its US$151 billion (RM498 billion) economy is becoming a smaller blip on investors' radar screens, and politics deserve much of the blame.

Abdullah is under pressure to quit after his coalition's worst-ever election result in March. Earlier this month, he announced plans to stay in power for two more years as his chosen successor, Najib, faces sexual-misconduct allegations. What has the makings of a trashy novel has become reality, and it's not clear Malaysia's leaders see that.

Malaysia, it seems, is being run for the sole benefit of those in charge. The nation has become more about Abdullah's party, Umno, than the welfare of its people. That's not being lost on overseas observers.

"Investors are already considering the situation as unstable," says Tricia Yeoh, director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies in Kuala Lumpur. "They are already reconsidering their options in the country. The new investors are possibly not looking at Malaysia as a viable option and previous investors would be thinking of extracting their funds to be put in more stable and viable locations."

Financiers may be perfectly happy to watch CSI at home. They are far less keen on exposing their money to a whodunit playing out on Malaysia's national stage. — Bloomberg

Now, boys, just settle down...

Another brilliant piece from Azmi Sharom...

Brave New World

The teacher has to rein in the unruly few or the lesson cannot start and the whole class, nay, even school, will suffer.

Good morning, boys. Good morning. Settle down, settle down. Now, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for us and as your class teacher, I think we should go over a few things.

We have been the premier school in the country for the past 50 years, but a few unpleasant incidents recently have put that position at risk.

If we don’t get our act together, we may lose our hallowed position.

Therefore, before we begin our history lesson, there are a few matters I would like to discuss with you.

First off, our head prefect, Mr Hamid, can you stand up, please? Well, it seems that you have ...

You there, yes, you, the boy at the back. Can you please stop making that obscene gesture with your hands? No, you can’t say you are just tapping your right hand with your left. That is an obscene gesture. Keep it up and I’ll give you six strokes.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, Mr Hamid. It seems that you caused a massive traffic jam at the school gates. Your prefects were stopping everybody and checking their badges and their bags. Do you realise that you caused a great deal of problems?

Boys were late to class and even teachers were late because of your overzealous behaviour. Mr Tan the Maths master was furious because half his class missed their calculus exam.

What did you say? You were concerned about the security of the school because you thought our rival school was going to cause trouble at your prefects’ meeting? And where, pray tell, did you get this intelligence?

Oh, you heard it on the grapevine? Well, the next time you choose to listen to plants, please check with me first before you go disrupting our school day.
[I still don't understand Malaysian Govt obsession with roadblocks... just for one man, just for one event (I'm talking about when we hosted the NAM several years back... the whole jalan in KL tutup so that the VVIPs can have a smooth ride)... at the expense of all other citizens. They should stop providing police escort to MPs and royalties... ok escort takpe, but not to make us give way. If you're late, then learn the lesson and leave for your destination earlier... like the rest of us!]

Second on the list is our debating team. Gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause for the hard work of our team captain, Mr Chik.

He put up a courageous display against a debater who had miles more experience than him. Bravo, Mr Chik, a brave effort indeed.

Brave but futile, I’m afraid. Mr Chik, I have spoken to the debate master and he told me that you hardly did any research.

Listen, my boy, you can’t beat the opposition by making personal attacks on their past.

You have to put over your point clearly; otherwise you’ll just look foolish.

And one more thing; for the next debate, please bring a handkerchief.
[muahahahahaha... hit the nail on the head!]

All right, now it is time to discuss some academic matters. I have just marked your General Paper test and I was quite shocked with some of your answers.

Mr Ibrahim, stand up, please. Young man, I read your essay on government scholarships and it was very passionate and fiery but you can’t just make things up.

There is nowhere in the Constitution that says that all scholarships are reserved for Malays.

It says that reservations of a proportion of scholarships for Malays may be made by the King. It does not say every single sen is for one group or another.

Don’t argue with me, boy! You got it all wrong. All you have to do is read the blinking thing.

What do you mean you did read it? What did you see exactly when you read it?

Perhaps I should send you to the school nurse. I think you need glasses.

One last thing; as you all know, half the boys in this school stay in the hostel.

It has come to my attention that the day boys have been teasing the hostel boys by questioning, how can I put it, their ... manliness.

This behaviour has got to stop. It is childish and undignified. It also reflects an obsession with matters sexual that borders on the unhealthy.

The next time you get the urge to speculate about another person’s private life, may I suggest you play some rugby and let the exertions raise your minds from the gutter?

Very well then, I trust the events of the past few weeks have taught you all a lesson and the debacles that have so embarrassed us will not be repeated.

We can now begin our history lesson. Would you be so kind as to take out your textbooks and turn to page ...

For the last time, boy, stop making that gesture! You have had your warning, and seeing as how you are too uncouth to show the slightest bit of remorse and repentance, I shall see you after class.

Let’s see whether you can keep doing that with your hands once I’ve caned them raw.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, please open your books to page 46 ...

Dr Azmi Sharom is a law teacher. The views expressed here are entirely his own.

- taken from The Star, 24 July 2008, pg N48

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what would you do?

When witnessing oppression, discrimination, matters that question morality... what action would you take?

I watched a wonderful episode on Oprah tonight. It's about human behaviour and actions when faced with an actual situation as mentioned above. Sure... we all know what we *should* do, but in reality, what would we really do? This was an examination through hidden camera, where there were hired actors pretending to behave in an unacceptable manner in public, with the aim to capture how we behave in such situations.

They had several *tests*... one was a situation where a group of mean girls were verbally bullying another girl, the next was discrimination by a shopkeeper against muslims, followed by an abusive boyfriend who was verbally and physically abusing his girlfriend in a park where lots of people jog, a scene where the actors pretended to be drunk and about to get into a car... and a few more.

I'm not going to elaborate on each specific case... but the main findings were:
- Women are more willing to provide assistance to a stranger, stand up to the offending person, and take action. There was this example where over 50 ppl had passed by doing nothing but just look and calling the cops... but it took a woman, after the actors have been acting for over 5 hours, who went over to tell a guy to stop abusing a lady. So brave! Guys who passed by just tengok je...

- When in public, many would just mind their own business and let things be, instead of supporting or providing aid to a person who is being discriminated. In the example of the muslim person, she minta another person to belikan the apple strudel she wanted pun orang tu tak nak tolong.

- Race, colour, religous background, how one dresses... all have bearing on whether or not you're likely to receive aid/assistance.

Why are we like this?

We know that those actions are wrong... but why so few step forward to address the situation? Why do people just look and do nothing?

Oprah quoted something good which goes something like this... It is not ignorance that hurts society, it's indifference.

That got me really thinking... Sadly, those things were also true here in Malaysia. It's worse I think.

I've heard of so many stories how people just buat dek je when ada orang jadi mangsa snatch thief, we actually look down on the Indons and Banglas who are seeking an honest living in a land far away from home... bila ada accident, we cause traffic jams not because there are so many people wanting to extend assistance, but rather sebab nak tengok what had happened.

It's so sad that our society has disintegrated into such situation.

Where is the human spirit? We teach the young about morality but do we actually practice it?

In a world where money and status is deemed as the pinnacle of success, we've lost our soul along the way.

How many of us would actually look up to a petani when presented next to a CEO?
How many of us think highly of the effort of a person who sweats in the hot sun to bina bangunan as compared to a professional toiling over how best to goreng a proposal in a cool air-conditioned office?
How many of us would be willing to sit next to an underprivileged person to have a proper conversation as compared to a well to do person?

Admit it... we're all prejudice, one way or another. Some may be less than others. I'm guilty of that too. I don't like it... I'm ashamed of it...

But the bigger question is... knowing that all these behaviours are bad and wrong, why aren't we doing something about it?

The study also showed that many of us react to such situations through our body language etc. It's not that we condone it (although there were some bigots who applauded when the muslim lady was refused service on the notion that they're anti terrorists). We distance ourselves from the offenders, we look disapprovingly... but that's it. We just look. We don't *do* anything about it.
Another interesting finding from the study... it only takes one person to step forward in order to *give courage* to the rest to do the same. And when we work together, amazing things can be achieved.

Let's throw away all prejudice. Let's believe again in the human spirit. Let's live on the notion that there are more good people than bad people out there. Let's treat everyone as equals. Let's not be selfish and think that we're better than others.

Let's make a change!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what women should know

I've been wanting to post this (which I received via email) tapi asyik terlupa... until now =)

enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to...
something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...
a youth she's content to leave behind....
a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age....
a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry...
a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family...
eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored...
a feeling of control over her destiny...

how to fall in love without losing herself...
how to quit a job, break up with a lover, and confront a friend without ruining the friendship...
when to try harder... and when to walk away...
that she can't change the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents...
that her childhood may not have been perfect...but its over...
what she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it...
whom she can trust, whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally
where to go... be it to her best friend's kitchen table... or a charming inn in the woods... when her soul needs soothing...
what she can and can't accomplish in a day...a month...and a year...

EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW GOD...every day of her life.

Monday, July 21, 2008


A few weeks back I bought this book... "Eat Right For Your Type", which is basically saying that the diet for people of different blood types should be different because our bodies are *structured* in a different way.

I'm O+ ... the universal donor. My stomach is supposedly *primitive* in nature... which doesn't digest grains well, should eat more meat (being from the hunter-gatherer category), dairy stuff is bad, and so are coffee and tea.

Am ok with the meat part, but everything else... hmm...

Anyway, I haven't been eating the way I'm *supposed* to because on the very next day after purchasing the book and reading what I should and should not consume, Mama said that she read in the papers that such regimes are useless and not scientifically proven.

Tapi apa2 pun... I've been cutting down on the grain based food... more from the perspective of cutting down on carbs.

However, I was quite pening thinking how I'm going to cut off coffee from my diet. Not that I'm that big of a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a nice cup of latte or those kopitiam white coffees. When I told Ina and Amt, they said "Habis lah Along... no more Starbucks". I haven't been abstaining, but I haven't been actively searching for coffee as usual...

And today kat office, I made my last cup of coffee. My Nescafe dah habis (and coincidently so did my milk). I'm not going to get replenishment... in fact, the timing is good to get the caffeine out of my system before Ramadan starts. I made the mistake of now cutting down on coffee leading up to the first day of Ramadan 2 years ago, and come day 1, it was so difficult to keep my eyes open in the morning (esp bila dah kena bangun sahur awal etc).

Maybe this will be the start of a better drinking habit. Out with the caffeine... in with the ginger and green tea to detox my body. And to take in more H2O...

But I'm not going to deprive myself of that occasional splurge for a nice cuppa once in a while ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a few inches less...

Went to City Square today, in search of Sex and The City. Finally! Watched it half way and then stopped to tengok F1 German GP. Hamilton won again... darn! My dislike for him makin bertambah today after seeing his ruthless way through traffic. Reminiscent of Schumi. Some would say it's a mark of a good driver... I don't deny that, but somehow... I just don't like him. The same way that I did not like Schumi. Kimi just faded towards the end and Alonso, despite his heroic efforts during qualifying yesterday lacklustered.

Did I enjoy SNTC? Yes... because it provides that "clear the mind and watch a chick flick" satisfaction and No... because after Batman, everything else pales in comparison. Watching SNTC the movie was just like watching 4 episodes of the series back to back. Nothing great to shout about but it serves its purpose...

Also masa beli the DVD, I bought a few others including this documentary about Planet Earth. After watching the Discovery Channel magic, I'm enthralled. The one I bought was not the one produced by Discovery, but by BBC instead. Takpelah... am sure it is equally good. Anything that showcases the earths splendour is good =)

On Friday masa lunch time I went to Maggie to hantar my baju batik yang dibeli masa kat KT recently. She asked whether I wanted to follow the measurement from the last baju kurung that she made for me about a year ago... I asked her to ukur balik in case dah semakin lebar. Surprise... surprise... it was the opposite. I'm about 3 inches less at the waist, 4 inches less at the butt and 1.5 inches less at the bust. That sure made my day 8-)

So that got me real excited about the new *journey* that I'm going on these coming months. Ina dah start about 2 weeks ago... I'm still procrastinating and trying to delay it selambat yang boleh. Tapi apa2 pun, the last date should be 1 September.

We'll see... whether menjadi ke tak... stay tuned.

Friday, July 18, 2008

the dark knight is THE movie to watch!

I'm writing this literally 15 minutes after the credits roll... Me like having a cinema next door. Two thumbs up =)

A lift ride, 2 minutes walk and a pit stop at the loo and I'm now in typing this entry.

What a movie!!

I usually not optimistic about watching a movie after reading reviews which gave glowing remarks... usually I'm underwhelmed. But this time it's different... TDK, despite being a movie adapted from a comic character, is truly a movie that deserves all the accolades.

I don't know where to start... there were just so many good things to talk (or rather write) about!

ok... let's start with the story line. Unlike usual big budget, blow up here and there, money making kaboom type of movies... this one actually HAS a story line, and a decent one too. It doesn't insult the audiences' intelligence, it has its own twists and turns, it poses difficult questions, it challenges common perception about who is really good and who is really bad, it makes us think and ponder... the last bit takes the cake. Because you don't get much of these things watching a superhero movie, and one definitely don't expect those hollywood studio directors give in to the temptation of another big explosion to out do the last big hollywood style bang. Simply put, the 2h30m flew by thanks to an engaging script, witty lines... there was not a moment that I did not have my eyes glued to the screen. And that's saying a lot because I was darn tired coming home from work.

A Batman movie wouldn't be a Batman movie without all the awesome toys and gadgets. They didn't overdo this part, in fact... there was just enough elaboration about what this and that do without getting me into thinking "ok... ok... let's get back to the story pls" mode. In fact, I had even hoped that Lucius would demonstrate more to Bruce or show him more of his latest inventions. My favourite was his uber sleek bike. That's one hot sexy machine! I'm now day-dreaming about riding pillion with my hand tight around the firm delicious body that belongs to Christian Bale. I don't need him to be in a rubber suit ;) And seeing him *fly* with his wings spread wide... it's almost orgasmic [not that I know how that is, hehe]. As I watch him glide through the skies... it was as if I was flying along with him. And the stunts... BRILLIANT! Rarely do you see fluid actions in Hollywood movies that leaves you breathless like a HongKong movie. None of those terbang sana sini formulaic style that Hollywood has become accustomed to, ever since Tarantino introduced kungfu style flying kicks to the west. Maybe they did use the flying harness, but I definitely did not feel like I was watching a poor remake of a JetLi action movie. My favourite... when Batman flew into the Hong Kong sunset [when you watch the movie, you'll know what I mean]. I couldn't help myself but squel in delight while watching the movie. Cool siot!!! And of course... all the car chases, flying trucks, mangled helicopters, explosions... all I can say is WOOHOO!!! I literally screamed that while watching the movie...

But no movie would be great without great actors because without them, the script would just be lines and the action sequences, gadgets would just be peripherals. I was already impressed with Christian Bale in his first outing as Batman... and I'm liking him even more in this one. That guy can definitely act. While most *serious* actors wouldn't want to be caught dead playing a comic character in a tight rubber suit... he made it feel like we were watching a Shakespearean play. Of course it doesn't hurt that he has one hot bod... which the director decided not to show too much for fear of women fantasising endlessly about him, haha. He's not your usual hunk, sex symbol that is adored... he's not as good looking as Brad, or as alluring as George or Sean, nor sexy like Craig. But somehow... he just has that *extra thing* that makes you want to be naughty with him ;) Aaron Eackhart (is that how you spell his name?) was surprisingly delightful to watch, and I am already a fan of Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman. Maggie Gyllenhaal was ok too.
But of course, the man of the hour is non other than Heath Ledger. He played the part of the Joker so brilliantly that although he's the villain, you can't help but to like him. When reviewers say that he was better than Jack Nicholson, they were not kidding. He received an Oscar nomination for his performance in Brokeback Mountain, and he definitely deserves another for his portrayal of the psychotic killer with no rules. I liked him in the first movie that I saw him in... 10 Things I Hate About You... and his final outing was also with a bang.

The cast... sadly short of one...

This is the blockbuster movie of the summer... and definitely one of the best superhero movie that I've ever watched.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

shopping mall near your home... a boon or a bane?

Those of you who have been to my house recently would know that there is now a hotel next door and a shopping mall too. Dulu jalan kat hujung tu dead end, but now it has become a thoroughfare. Agak busy lah juga dengan pelbagai kereta, bas persiaran, trak askar ferrying kids to and from school. Paling busy during weekends when there is a wedding at the dewan serbaguna kat belakang the hotel.

I like that the road is now connected straight to Petronas... bila time pasar malam or bulan puasa, I don't have to endure the excrutiatingly slow traffic to get to my house. Sometimes it used to take longer than the journey from the office sampai Jalan Jambu Mawar. Now dah ada alternative route. Cuma, that also means that depan rumah we all dah jadi busy...

The shopping mall tu dah buka but most shoplots are still undergoing renovations. The thing that I'm most excited about is that there is a cinema there (yes!! now no need to go to Cineleisure to catch the latest flick... jalan 2 minit je dah sampai), there's a bowling alley, ada fitness centre... and the thing that Mama would be most excited about, ada Giant. Basically... we'll literally have everything that we need next door. Ina and I went to watch Hellboy2 kat the Star Cinema today. The place is nice... like any other cineplexes. Cuma hari tu sejuk ya amat... sbb tak ramai orang sangat kut. Not many know of its existence... heck, I live next door and baru je find out today bila baca paper. According to the popcorn sales person, they opened about 2 weeks ago.

Again... with all those conveniences, come the inconveniences. As it is now pun, the jalan depan rumah dah busy. Banyak orang park kereta in front of our house making it more leceh to get in and out. I can't imagine how it would be bila Giant dah buka nanti. Havoc lah nampaknya...

I guess it's just one of life's give and take...

more Munich photos...

Our two days in Munich were too short. It's definitely a place I want to visit again!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bergumbira dgn kawan2...

Today seronok!

The usual suspects plus a few others went to Coliseum to celebrate (albeit belatedly) SHH's birthday. The ladies rode in NSY's car, while the guys... DBB#3 included, walked to Jalan TAR. Bila sampai sana, the restaurant was full, but MM had made reservations. So popular is the place that we still had to wait for a table untuk the 13 of us. Somehow we ended up duduk one side ladies one side guys... mainly because the ladies sampai dulu and sat first and the guys joined later. As SBA remarked... "Macam parti PAS"

It has been AGES since I last stepped foot in this restaurant. It must be at least 20 years!! Used to frequent this place masa kecik but we stopped when we discovered that they also served oink oink. They've since *cleaned up* and obtained the Halal certification.

One thing good is that their food is still macam 20 years ago. The steak is to die for... and I dare say, the best in town! The place chokia je and the waiter equally ancient (literally separa bongkok!)... but all that forgiven for the succulent, tender and juicy think slab of meat. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

The way they take orders and serve also quite militarilistic... quite garang and no nonsense. I guess when you serve food this good, and know that your customers will keep coming back for more... we're at their mercy ;) Those things are forgiven and forgotten... And we were so into our food that we didn't get back to office until around 2:45pm ;p

Later in the afternoon, I received an sms from Mymot "Nak tgk belly dancing kat DFP?"
To which I immediately replied "Nak!"

Baru je the day before I sms-ed the chicks to ask how they were doing since dah lama sangat tak jumpa. So tonight... it was 1/2 of the detox chicks posse... moi, Skinner, Mantze & Mymot.

It wasn't actually a belly dancing show but rather a concert by Hassan Ramzy... a famous percussionist of Egyptian descendant who has made his mark in Hollywood and around the world. Specifically her played the tabla and his *band* included 2 violinists, 1 accordion player, 1 gendang-er cum main tamborine, 1 keyboardist and 1 playing an instrument yg I tak tahu namanya apa. It's a string instrument, ala ala guitar, but besar and rectangular in shape... played with the thing resting on your lap.

Hebat... sungguh hebat keupayaan Hassan Ramzy dan kawan2. Usually orang dengar music but he brought a belly dancer along so that we can *see* the music. The dancer pun sama hebat dengan lenggokkan perut and lemah gemalai tangan. It's amazing how she could twist and getar and gelek with such intensity kat part body situ je, while everything else remain still. I tengok je pun dah rasa penat!

One of the seronok things about belly dancing is the costume. And Serena (the dancer, who happens to be Hassan's wife) changed baju for each dance... and there were if I'm not mistaken 7 costume changes. The beadwork and kilat2 on the bajus add to the ke-exotic-kan belly dancing. Punya dahsyat dia gelek sampai ada *wardrobe malfunction*. If you want to know, ask me personally what had happened...

On rare days like this, I got 2 in 1!! best...

Monday, July 7, 2008

teluk mak nik a.k.a. monica bay...

On the way back from KT to KL, we noticed one signboard which said "Teluk Mak Nik (Monica Bay) 1km"

Unfortunately it was malam so couldn't take photo.

When I saw the signboard the first thing that crossed my mind was...
Monica Geller = Mak Nik Geller
(jangan lupa to pronounce ala Terengganu ie Mok Nik Gel-loh)

We laughed like hyenas in the car =)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

so frustratingly annoying... the malaysian political scene

It's a depressing world out there... war everywhere, natural disaster, famine, escalating prices...

And yet, amidst all that, there are those who claim to be the *defender of the people* who resort to absurd behaviours. Don't they realise that their very action is destroying our beloved country?

Aren't there any decent people in this world anymore?

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be
trusted with the important matters.
- Albert Einstein

I've never liked politics... but I hate it even more now. How I long for Utopia...

looking forward to this...

Was a BIG x-files fan back in the day... still am.

There hasn't been any tv show that comes close IMHO... in terms of originality, intrigue. Duchovny and Anderson have good chemistry! Amazing that they still look good (at their age, haha)

Friday, July 4, 2008

lights off at 6pm!

That's one of the new resolutions for PFP... to make way for more work-life balance, we've all agreed to leave the office at 6pm every Friday. That's quite a task for these hard working PFPians... who are notorious for late evenings. I guess, with 80% of the population under the age of 30 and mostly single, that's not big of a problem.

Another thing that was brought up during the last staff meeting was that at any one point in time, the dept only has about 10-12 bodies in office. Others are either away at courses or sick. What to do... dept so small, only 20 of us. And of late, there has been a flurry of hospital admissions, MCs etc. Working too much is not good, huh? ;)

We've also made another resolution... to go green! Tapau-ware from now on and no more disposable plates, cups, cutleries for our makan2. We've even set up separate bins for paper, plastic, aluminium/glass in the pantry. And hope to cut down on our paper consumption too.

I'm slowly getting into the *groove* of the dept. Unfortunately, being so short handed everyone is so busy, which leave minimal time for socialising. Hope to make it up at next week's dept team building.

Quite a number were rather apprehensive at the thought of team building. PFPians aren't known for their physical strength... more of mental talent (hence they're the one assigned with the difficult task of developing prudential policies for the nation's financial system). "These bunch is more of scrabble, chess... not rock climbing" JC said at last week's staff meeting. I assured them that team building isn't at all strenuous, in fact, it is rather fun. They had wanted me to share tips on how to do the various *challenges* that await us at Palm Gardens next week. Told them that it would defeat the purpose and that the real benefit is in the process, not the results. I had lots of fun during FSD team building... hopefully it would be the same with PFP. Am I lucky or what... to go through team building twice in a year? Some people may dread it but I'm actually looking forward to the weekend getaway.

AHB told me some time back that when I don't feel the *social contract* with the people around me, I'm less enthusiastic. That's true... I'm one of those who needs to feel connected in order to open up, be more involved, to *want* to do it. I still have not build that *social connection* with the new dept, hence the rather lethargic feel each day that I go to work. It ain't fun going to work feeling that way. Hope that this would change soon.

NMS is back to office the same day that I got back from my Terengganu trip. Good to see her again. It's funny how we didn't really *connect* during the short period that she was in FSD before leaving for Melbourne to pursue her Masters. Somehow our friendship developed while she was a thousand miles away... triggered when we met up when I was back *home* during a meeting last year and followed up by emails and reading each others' blogs. Unfortunate that we won't be working together...

I was working through the dept's workplan for the year and felt rather *disturbed* that there's still a LOT to be done... and it's already July.

A tough few months ahead, I foresee...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a short weekend getaway...

Tup tap tup tap... it's already July! Goodness!! How quick time flies...

Half of the year already gone... and what have I *done* so far? Nothing much to shout about. Work macam biasa, cuma I'm now in a new dept. I went for a holiday with Mama & Papa. I got involved with volunteer movement.

I haven't seen the detox chicks for a long time... somehow, our schedules just don't meet. Everyone is busy too. I've been spending a lot of time with ma famille this year. Lots of family outings, weekend activities with my siblings... and these past few weeks, we've been out to watch movie on a weekly basis. This year ada banyak good movies to watch. Let's see... so far I've watched KungFu Panda, Indiana Jones, Made of Honor, Ironman... and most recent Wanted. Lepas ni, there's still The Mummy, Dark Knight, X Files.

Dah lama tak cuti on week day... we went to watch a movie

The surau @ Pavilion is so nice!!

Amt just finished his practical training and as a treat, we decided to take him on a holiday. At first ingat nak pergi KK but decided for something that will cost less. Will take him on my holiday trip next year instead. Decided on Terengganu... since we haven't been there for a while. Also because we wanted to makan nasi dagang and keropok lekor sepuas hati :-)

Since there were 5 of us (Abg x leh cuti so cannot ikut), we borrowed Abg Shoib's Naza Ria. A gas guzzler lah that car, but as Papa said it "better than driving 2 cars". The drive was long, but nice. We stopped at various places to isi perut, the best being this gerai Warung Aziz Satar which sells scrumptious otak-otak, satar and pelbagai lauk tradisional. So sedap!! I highly recommend it to everyone. And the scenery along the way was just breathtaking. Ina & I fell in love with this quaint kampung somewhere near Merang, called believe it or not... Mangkuk 8-) We dream of one day buying a plot of land facing the south china sea and building our holiday home.

Photos available for viewing at

A good getaway to rejuvenate the body... but too short I think. I'm already dreaming of my next trip to Terangganu... this time to one of the islands for a nice relaxing time :)