Thursday, November 20, 2008

taking a break...

I'm heading for HK tomorrow evening. A 5 day getaway with my sis and some friends. Time to declutter the mind... although one might ask, why head for HK? The crowd alone would make the mind more messy, hehe...

I don't know... I guess it's because that's some place near that I wanna go but have never been to. Siem Reap is another, but no one wants to go there... alas.

It has been a tough 2 weeks, emotionally and physically.

A death in the family... so sad. He's so young, abt to get married (next month actually), such a good son. Accident... pokok jatuh on his car while driving. And it happened in Sabah where he was posted. Accident occured around 2:45pm on Sunday. His family only heard about it around 4:30pm from his friends who heard the news from other friends. We got to know about it later that night. Emergency leave... drove back to Teluk Intan with Mama Papa and Amt. Flight sampai 2:30pm on Monday but the body was only finally released around 4:30pm. Sampai rumah around 6pm. It was so, so sad. I didn't expect to cry as much as I did. Watching my aunty, uncle and his siblings was heartbreaking. They were such a close knit family. He's only 25... the same age as my brother. My aunty suffered a mild stroke mid this year... that was the last time I saw him... when I went to visit my aunty. She was frail, and having to endure what must be the saddest thing that a mother can ever endure. My uncle, the tough guy that he was, cried. His fiancee sobbed uncontrollably.

Nyawa... it can be taken away just like that. Without notice. Without warning. Are we prepared? Am I prepared?

Work bertambun-tambun, emails bertimbun-timbun... and I'm SOOOOOOOOO behind! At last check 48 emails unread. I won't be able to clear them all off before I leave. That's the "gift" I get for being away from office for 3 days. Itupun today I've cleared about 2 dozen. My head is not where it should be. It's so berserabut.

I just need to go away... and rejuvenate.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

how old is your brain?

Try this test... http://flashfabrica .com/f_learning/ brain/brain. html

(the instructions are in Japanese so follow instructions below)
1. Touch 'start'
2. Wait for 3, 2, 1.
3. Memorize the number's position on the screen, and then click the circle from the smallest number to the biggest number.
4. At the end of game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

have you watched them sleep?

Article written by Shakuntala Devi

I received a message on my Friendster account the other day. It was one of those forwarded messages, the type I would usually scan briefly before hitting "delete".

But this message, written in Bahasa Malaysia, started with a simple question that caught my attention A rough translation of it goes like this:

"Have you ever watched your parents as they are asleep? Your father's body once big and strong but now, the big is withered and the strong weakened. Wisps of grey peek out of his hair, wrinkles now "scar" on his forehead and face."

"This man works hard every day and would sacrifice anything to make sure his family is provided for and his children get the best education possible."

"Or what about your mother, whose soft hands once cuddled and held you close when you were a baby? Now, those hands are dry and rough, bearing evidence of the challenges she faced just for us."

"This woman takes care of our daily needs, constantly nagging and scolding us because of her love for us. But sadly, we often miscontrue her love as control and unfairness."

I have never thought of watching my parents while they slept. I've watched my cousins sleep when they were babies, all round and cuddly and sweet smelling. But watch my parents? No way!

But after reading this message, I realised that there is indeed much truth in it. In fact, my parents don't have to be asleep for me to realise that they have aged.

Just looking at my mother walk tells me that her legs are not as strong as they were before. Or hearing for her to ask me to help with that flowerpot in the garden, the one she used to be able to push and drag around the garden without my help.

Or watching my dad lift a 10kg bag of rice. I can easily carry that now. I am young. But to him, it is a struggle.

What do all these observations tell me? Yes, my parents have aged. They are ageing, as I am ageing. But as I age towards my best years and become stronger, they in turn are becoming weaker. They were once the caregiver and I the receiver. In time, I know our roles will reverse. Like it or not, want it or not, this is life.

I suppose I have always subconciously thought that my parents would always be with me, never growing old. It took that message to make me realise that my parents are not immortal. That they, too, will one day leave the world and me. Until then, I will make good use of our time together.

By the way, I am forwarding that message to all my family and friends to remind them to appreciate what they have now. It will not last.

Reading this, I terus sebak. This message hits home... HARD. It is as if it was written and directed to me.

Just the other day, while the three of us were driving home after a nice meal, Papa driving, Mama sitting in front and me at the back. Papa said "This is macam masa Along kecik dulu2. You sitting at the back... tanya, dah kat mana ni? You'd be lying down". Mama added, "...melengkor." We all laughed. I remember that time well. The drives balik kampung at a time when there were no highways and the journeys long. Listening to Abba, Bee Gees. Fast forward 28 years later. The scene familiar.

God works mysteriously and wonderfully. Reminders are sent our way when He knows that we should be reminded. I've long taken granted of the persons that mean most. I have not been treating them as well as they deserve. I'm ridden with guilt...

Thank God I still have them with me... time to make amends...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was doing my daily reading of financial market news excerpt when I saw this... I sooooo agree!!

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it
- Henry David Thoreau,author and transcendentalist

Monday, November 3, 2008

silly translation...

Yesterday evening, Ina and I watched Vantage Point on DVD. There was a scene where the characters spoke in Spanish.

We looked at each other... where are the subtitles?

Since neither of us speak espanyol, save for uno dos tres... we scrambled to get the subtitles feature up. First try, chose the wrong option... director's commentary. Couldn't care less what the director thought about the scene. Next... English. But where's the translation??

Then Ina said "Kita try Malay lah Along. Try je..."

Ok lah... better than nothing. And voila, I can now understand Spanish :) It wasn't really Malay... it was Indonesian. Indon pun Indon lah...

We continued watching, too lazy to turn the subtitles off after the scene (also because we weren't sure whether there would be more spanish conversations after this).

Then there was a chase scene... running, driving... your staple Hollywood blockbuster type of action scene. A character swore as he swerved to avoid another car as they sped down the narrow streets of Salamanca. "Shit!" he said.

When I saw the translation I laughed, no... more like howled... like mad.

Guess what it was??


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... Ina and I gelak sampai tergolek-golek.

That was not it. There were more cursing. I forgot what the character said. I think something along the lines of "Shit! Shit!"

and the translation was "Tai... Berak!"

Oh my God...

That was not all. 3/4 through the movie, there was a scene where one of the characters said "Stop! CIA!"

You wouldn't believe what the translation was... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I laughed even louder. I think the whole kampung might have heard me.

Get ready for it...

Ajensi Jawa Intelek.

I kid you not! I'll even get a screen shot for you, when I have the time.

Dear oh dear... what a classic case of *lost in translation*.

p/s: for those of you who don't know, I'm half Jawa... which tickles me even more ;)

minute by minute report on the final race...

As if this race can't get any more intriguing... it suddenly rained in Interlagos!
5mins to go and the cars, mechanics, drivers are all seated in their seat when the heavens opened up and everyone scurrying for cover.


Race start aborted and will restart in 10 mins...

Sun back out. So should it be intermediates or will there be heroic drivers out there willing to risk driving on slicks?

The safety car is out... checking the track. Doesn't look like there's too much water on the track.
Oooohhhh... I can't wait for the action!

The cars are out on warm up lap. Almost everyone on intermediate

Go Alonso!
Massa ahead of the rest... clean start.

Safety car out. DC got into an incident with Piquet (or on his own... not sure). Poor DC... to not even make a lap on his final grandprix of his career.


Race restart. Alonso over takes Kovailanen in a brilliant move.. woo hoo!
Kimi pressuring Trulli. Trulli still soaking up the pressure, pardon the pun.


Cars into the pit...
Back out... Massa stays on first, Hamilton down to 7th, Kimi has overtaken Trulli. Alonson now on 3rd!

Fisichella is sandwiched between Kimi and Hamilton.

2:30am - 5 laps to go
Rain again. Cars came in to change into intermediates. Some changes in position. But Massa still ahead

I cannot believe what had happened! I just can't believe what had happened!

With 3 laps to go Vettel managed to take over Hamilton. With Hamilton down on 6th that means Massa will win the championship.

Try as he may, Hamilton did not manage to overtake Vettel.

Massa crossed the line in first... we screamed. Everyone screamed. The grandstands roared.

Then the timing screen showed a different result. Hamilton finished 5th...

What had happened??

Amt and I sat there unbelieving what had taken place. Glock, in the final seconds of the race slowed and finished behind Vettel and Hamilton. Thus rewarding Hamilton with the world championship.

This is agony... one second we thought that Massa had won it and the very next, we discovered that Hamilton did.


Massa did everything right and yet luck was not with him.

Poor Massa (I never thought I would say this)... he cried. Although he won this race, in front of his home crowd, he looks desperately disraught.

This must have been the most sad looking podium ever. Massa undoubtedly. Alonso who finished second is equally dismayed because we all know what Alonso thinks about Hamilton. Kimi... in his usual poker face.

I still can't believe what had happened.

I was in a similar state last year but feeling happy with Kimi's unexpected win. This year it was the most cliffhanger ending I've ever experienced in my 14 years watching F1.

Well... as they always say. F1 is so unpredictable.

One consolation that I have is that analysis has shown that this year's winner is the "weakest" in the decade.

I'm hoping for a Renault resurgence or for Kimi to find his form again.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

well said...

and the winner is...

1hr45m to go before the start of the race that will determine the F1 2008 champion.

And I’m waiting with dread…

It has been an interesting year with some exciting races (which includes the first ever night race). Had it been someone else at the lead of the pack, I would have been much, much happier. Sadly it is Alonso’s nemesis, who is touted to win this year.


Race will start at around 1am Malaysian time… and expected to end around 3am. Hence I’ve taken ½ day off tomorrow morning. I doubt I can function well with the self imposed sleep deprivation.

I hope that a miracle will happen. It happened last year.

Whatever the outcome, I will have to find another pastime to keep myself occupied in the coming winter months. I don’t think it is going to be harder than years past since my interest in F1 has waned somewhat. I still watch every race, unless if circumstances do not allow me. I think I missed 2 races this year… Valencia and… I can’t remember the other one. However, I’m less obsessed now. I don’t follow the news as religiously as I did.

Plus I’ve sorta found another obsession.

That’s for another entry ;)