Thursday, May 7, 2009

i'm no spring chicken...

Walking around with my 22 year old brother made me succumb to the fact that I'm older.

7 days of hard core walking (those who have been on trips with me would know) is beginning to take its toll. I was expecting to be hurting yesterday when we had to walk 40 mins (in two instalments of 20 mins each) uphill followed by climbing over 700 steps to visit ice caves near Salzburg. Surprisingly that went ok. But today, as we traversed across Vienna, over cobbled streets, lots of standing as we visited palaces and plenty of walking, my calves are beginning to hurt. To be fair (to me, hehe) my brother is also aching ;) But yesterday as I huffed and puffed uphill, he was steady je... not even breathing heavily whilst I was panting.

In London, it was my soles. But I attribute that to my shoe which was a bit defected. Problem solved after I bought a new pair of Clarks. In Salzburg, no problem whatsoever. But now in Vienna, just after a day, sudah mula sakit kaki. Hopefully the troubles won't move upwards towards my thighs otherwise that would really spoil the trip.

I've seen a lot in these past 7 days. Walked enough to burn all those calories that I piled up eating nasi lemak before I left. Given that we're not eating properly here (except whilst in London where we devoured on kebabs), I think I might even lose some weight, hehe.

No harm in wishful thinking...