Thursday, January 26, 2012

see you soon...

Decided to send WUU to the workshop today. The adjusters have not called, but seeing that my schedule will be packed next week onwards, it would be quite hard to just "keluar kejap to send the car".

Has been a week since I last drove WUU. She has been resting under an old bedspread. Masuk je kereta, the leather smell was exciting. Holding the steering wheel was even better. But alas, it was just a for a short drive from Kg Sri Delima to Jln 222.

The C&C consultant said that it might take 2-3 weeks for the adjuster & insurance processing to settle. Plus 2 more weeks to repair. That's a long time away from my WUU :(

We'll be together again soon... and we'll go vroom vroom again like we used to :)

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