Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It was 11:03 pm... driving Abang home, together with Ina. On the radio was "All by myself", when Ina asked "Kenapa lagu ni lelaki yang nyanyi?"
"Because they are the original singers... Air Supply", I replied. "Ina ingat Celine Dion yg mula2 nyanyi ke?"
"Ha'ah... coz dia nyanyi lagu ni famous giler"
"No lah... dia nyanyi balik. Langsung famous balik. Before this masa Air Supply nyanyi pun famous gak. But Celine buat jadi re-hit"

A pause...

"Hahahaha... re-hit", said moi.

Abang gelak sikit. Ina diam je.

"Ina... did you get the joke? Re-hit mcm reheat", I asserted.

"Ye lah...", Ina replied, "Mcm reheat food".

My attempt at making a joke fell flat...

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