Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday, 17/1/2012, WUU turned 1... and as a present, I got into an accident.
Kat Jalan Kuching, while crawling home, just before the Caltex station... dah nak sampai rumah dah :( My fault really... I was sleepy and dozed off for a mere few seconds and BAM! Hit the black Savvy in front and in turn it hit the Honda City in front.

The "crunching" sound as I hit the car will remain in my sound memory bank... it was surreal!

But I was surprisingly calm. The first thing that crossed my mind was... there goes my NCD. Tak rasa panic, sedih, takut... nothing. I do feel sorry to the two ladies who were affected by my carelessness though.

It was an accident waiting to happen. This was not the first time I drove home sleepy and frequently catch myself dozing off. It happen often. Hopefully this will be the last.

I was lucky... it wasn't a bad accident (although the lady in front may not agree with me). We were after all "crawling". I have in the past caught myself on the highway at high speed terlelap. Nauzubillah...

Dalam tak teruk tu pun, WUU punya "injury" was quite severe.

So this morning was spent to figure out how to put WUU back to shape. Since it is a Mercedes, I'm not taking chances with just any workshop. WUU deserves the best, and so I ended up sending it to Cycle Carriage Bintang's workshop. It is an authorised workshop for Mercedes Benz. First went to Mutiara Damansara to find out more, then off to Jalan 222.

Last night, Papa & Amt estimated that it would cost about RM10k to repair. Dalam hati I thought "wow... banyaknya". But today, upon inspection, the consultant (tak main lah panggil mechanic... this is Mercedes after all, hehe. Honest... that's what he is called) kata it will take approximately 2 weeks to repair and roughly about RM50k. What??? RM50k??? That's enough to buy a car! But again... I was surprisingly calm. Not even a spike in heartbeat. I guess it is because I'm not paying... hahaha. That's what takaful/insurance is for after all. The only thing that crossed my mind was... yup, you guessed it... there goes my NCD.

According to the consultant, the "surgery" will involve:
- changing both side panels (since they're made of aluminium, cannot ketuk)
- replace hood
- replace headlights
- replace compressor (although not bocor, it was dented when a lever knocked into it)
- change the front bar... can't recall the proper name, but it is the bar between the bumper and radiator
- change the grill
- 50/50 whether the bumper kena tukar or not.

2 weeks to repair, but it can only start after Etiqa (that's my takaful company... they will not be happy with the bill) gives a nod to proceed. Meanwhile kena tunggu:
- Adjuster to make assessment
- Adjuster to make recommendation to Etiqa
- Etiqa to process
... baru boleh dapat approval to repair.

This couldn't happen at the worst time, since next Monday is Chinese New Year. Unlikely that the adjuster will take up this case with only 3 more days to the weekend. Next week definitely cuti. Week after lah baru adjuster tengok. God knows how long for him to do paperwork and submit to Etiqa, and berapa lama lagi baru Etiqa decide.

So looks like I'm car-less for at least a month... if I'm lucky.

Nasib baik WNN ada. The ever dependable WNN who has been sidelined for far too long. I still love you my dear :) Time for me too shower some lurve on you...

Cerita sampingan a.k.a. spin-off...
Cis!! That was my reaction when Ina kata "Hehe... dulu ingatkan kereta Honda yg takde ong... selalu langgar/accident. Rupa2nya Along is the common factor". Tapi cakap dalam hati lah... sambil tertanya2, betul kah?

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