Wednesday, February 1, 2012


... and it is officially no longer my birthday.

Had a big surprise at home today... a surprise birthday party that is :) Siap dgn balloon, banner etc. Baru je a few days ago I made a remark to a friend during another friend's son's birthday party... that I've only had one big birthday party. And that was when I was seven!

And voila... as I turn 37, another party. Albeit just with family members. It was meaningful nonetheless. They kept the secret well... I didn't have a clue. The only thought that crossed my mind was when I smelled food as I entered the house today.

So terharu that Ina and Abang actually took leave to prepare for the party. Apparently they've been planning it for several weeks. I am blessed with wonderful siblings :)

At the office, celebrations started early with a birthday lunch on 30/1 with HRH, NAMN, MM and Mr B. The other Reggies couldn't make it. Lunch was at Saffron and we had rich, lovely red velvet cake courtesy of HRH.

And on 31/1, there was breakfast at the department to celebrate all the January "babies". But since it was on my birthday, I had the honour of cutting the cake :)

Wishes came in via SMS and FB from near and far. Don't you just love how technology helps bring ppl together :)

So I am now 37. I don't feel like I'm 37. Well, maybe body is older but inside, I think I've not really aged. As the fridge magnet that I bought in Scotland say "Young at heart (other parts slightly older)" ;)

Thank you Allah for blessing me with a wonderful life.

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