Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ramadan stories...

Story 1
Ina and I were on our way home from tarawikh at Masjid Wilayah when we suddenly heard keletuk… keletak… keletuk… keletak…

“Bunyi apa tu Ina?”
“Eh… apa tu?” she pointed at an object on the passenger seat windscreen.
“That’s my shoe!” Kebetulan we were stopping at a traffic light. “Cepat Ina… ambik”
She quickly opened the door and grabbed the shoe, just in time before the lights turn green.

“Macam mana lah boleh ada kat situ…” and we giggled at what had happened.
Then my mind started thinking of various theories. “Maybe masa Ina nak keluar kereta, you tertendang my shoe out kut”. I usually place my shoe on the passenger seat. “Nasib baik ada orang baik letakkan atas kereta”
“Ha’ah… nasib baik tak jatuh and kita langgar sampai patah”, Ina added with a laugh.

Alhamdulillah… my brown Clarks were saved. Berkat bulan Ramadan =)

Story 2
“u there?”
“jom buka puasa at Tamarind Springs… with eVo and G.O.D”
“ok… as long as tak lambat mcm last year”
“ha’ah… takpe, zoe boleh jaga meja”

It was not about lambat buka puasa, but lambat solat Maghrib sampai ter“miss”… makan punya hal.

So… not wanting a repeat, I carefully watched my watch as we devoured the delicious spread. At 7:55pm I quickly left the group and headed for the nearby surau, aided by my trusted Garmin. Itu pun kena reverse 2 kali coz ter miss junction.

As I walked towards the surau, my eyes quickly searched for area perempuan. Seeing a green tabir, I quickly headed there. It was small… very small in fact. Why so small? my little heart wondered. But seeing that it’s already past 8pm, I ignored the peculiarity.

Tengah nak pakai telekung, a young boy approached me “Kak… saf perempuan kat bangunan belah sana” (side note: he called me kak! What a thrill… having being called makcik so often nowadays ;p )
“Kat mana? Boleh tunjukkan?”
“Kat situ” he pointed. “Akak boleh lalu kat sini” as he guided me.
“Terima kasih dik” I thanked him with a smile.

As I walked back to my car, I tersenyum sendiri. Shouldn’t be so gopoh… even if it is to buat benda baik. A good lesson learnt in Ramadan.

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